Visiting Haw Par Villa Singapore Theme Park

Theme parks are places where it’s great to hangout with friends or family. This is more likely enjoyable to children and even the child-like individuals. If you’re planning to spend a good time perhaps celebrating your birthday or a vacation with your loved ones, going to Haw Par Villa Singapore is the best option. However, Haw Par Villa is not your ordinary theme park and as you embark this kind of journey in your life will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Haw Par Villa Theme Park

The concept of this park is derived from Chinese mythology and folklore. This was built in the year 1937 and it is also famous for its gruesome Chinese tales such as the scenes from Madame White Snake and Journey to the West. There are about a thousand of colourful statues that are displayed in the park like the deity heads and the giant gorilla.

In another worldly experience, Haw Par Villa is named after the brother’s Burma-born Aw who said to be the ones that created the Tiger Balm ointment. The ointment was made for a younger brother named as Boon Par. This area also had a zoo, and the grounds were opened to the public. However, when the World War II broke out, the house was left by the brothers and fled overseas. Then the Japanese people took over the place.

The Revival of the Haw Par Villa

As soon as the war was over, Aw Cheng Chye, son of Boon Par continued the activities of the park and took advantage of beautifying the park. During the year the 1970s to 80s, the park became a day of excursion or visited mostly by students during an educational tour. The year 1985, the council of the Singaporean tourism board gave the park a renovation and was able to make it more meaningful.

In 2014, there were empty spaces in the park that have been maximized by three women under the curatorial platform spaces where they built four different exhibitions. These women are mostly artists named Elizabeth Gan, Chun Kai Qun and Chun Kaifeng. Their first-ever exhibition was named the Nameless forms. The art exhibition featured the works of the Chun twins and other artists.

What will you be expecting in Haw Par Villa?

Keep in mind that Haw Par Villa is not your typical type of theme park where you can bring children to play around. Of course, you don’t want your child to have nightmares after reliving the stories of the gruesome and bizarre park. As mentioned, there are a thousand statues that look queer and peculiar. All of these have its background story where it will surely give you Goosebumps as you listen to the tour guide.

Haw Par Villa in Singapore is a place of wonders where each has its own story to tell. Although it’s found to be scary for children you will also learn the history behind the park.

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