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    An air-conditioner that runs regularly will surely deplete its stores of refrigerant gas eventually. Avoid depleting your refrigerant stores because you will be putting your compressor, coils, and evaporators at risk of overheating.

    An air-conditioner that doesn’t have enough refrigerant will not be able to cool the air efficiently. You will notice this as it gets more and more uncomfortable due inside your room. As the owner, you must schedule a top-up job to keep your unit running at peak performance.

    See how fast the temperature of the room drops. Air-conditioners that will be able to get the room to your preferred temperature within 10 minutes is still working optimally. If your unit goes beyond that length of time, the problem might be that your AC lacks refrigerant gas. 

    We have experts that can top-up your gas stores to keep you air-conditioner cooling efficiently. No need to worry about not getting the right gas type in your AC because our technicians are all professionals who have been trained in doing these kinds of tasks.

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    Why It Is Important to Check and Top-up Gas?

    An air-conditioner that has a low gas volume will not be running as efficiently as it should. You also run the risk of your compressor overheating and you don’t want to keep it up because it will eventually breakdown.

    A gas leak will be problematic for your compressor which might result in a complete failure if not attended to. The condenser will also be affected which means you have two parts that might need replacing. If you allow it to continue, you will be spending a lot of money to fix it in the future.

    Freezing and cracking is also a risk if your gas levels are low. The evaporator coil will be the one that will freeze up. Checking the gas needs to be done by a professional aircon servicing contractor because handling chemicals like Freon and Puron requires care and skills.

    Types of Gas used in Air-conditioners and their differences

    When comes to aircon gas top up, there are two commonly used refrigerant gases in air-conditioners, the R-410a, and the R-22. You should know which one of these two will work for your unit. There are differences in how they function and are used up and we will try to discuss this below.

    Gas R-22

    This gas is commonly called Freon. Not many air-conditioning units use this gas nowadays and you can mostly find it in older aircon models. The reason for the shift is it’s classified as a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), a type of gas that damages the ozone layer.
    Units who still require this refrigerant will require a technician to perform what is called a dry charge. The R22 gas operates at low pressures which makes it susceptible to cracking. For lubrication, this refrigerant needs mineral oil.

    Gas R-410a

    R-410a or Puron is a relatively new gas used in air-conditioning units around the world. Most new residential aircon units use this gas to cool the air. It’s an environmentally-friendly hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) with many nations adopting it as the new standard refrigerant gas.
    The R-410a gas is the more efficient and reliable cooling gas. Your AC is less likely to heat up. It also operates under high pressure reducing the chance of the inside parts of your AC from cracking. Synthetic oil is the lubricant used for R-410a gas reducing the wear and tear from operation as well.

    How to Top Up Aircon Gas

    Gas top ups can be diagnosed rather easily. If you think your gas levels are low, you might want to have it topped up with new gas. Recharging your air-conditionings gas can be done by following a step by step method which we’ve outline below:

    • Take the air-conditioning unit out from where it’s installed and find a place where you can set it down.
    • Remove the casing by loosening the screws. Slowly remove the casing and you will be able to see the compressor, hoses, and the cylinder inside the air-conditioner.
    • Find the largest hose connected to the compressor and remove it. This is where you will be recharging or topping up the gas.
    • Using the refrigerant top up kit to connect one of its valves to the hose identified earlier.
    • There is also a tap valve that need to be connected to the smaller hose that’s connected to the compressor.
    • Run your air-conditioner at a high setting. This will allow the refrigerant to flow into the unit filling up its stores.
    • Top up takes a few minutes. The sign that your AC is fully topped up if the refrigerant kit has an empty can of refrigerant.
    • Remove the valves and hoses connected to the kit. Place the hoses back to their original position connected to the compressor.
    • Reattach the metal casing on the unit. Make sure you screw back on the metal casing.
    • Lift the air-conditioner back up and slowly place it back to where it was installed.
    • Connect the AC to the power outlet and enjoy the cooling effect of your air-conditioner.

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