Aircon Tips & Guides

AC Part Replacement – Why You May Need it
If you're an air conditioner owner, there's a good chance at some point you will need to replace a part[...]
Easy Guide To Aircon Installation in Singapore
Are you considering having an air conditioner installed in your home? If so, you may be wondering how the process[...]
Why Choose Aircon Service Maintenance Contract
An aircon servicing contract is an agreement between a company and its client where most of the client's air conditioner[...]
Choosing the Right Commercial Aircon Servicing Provider
It is important to have comfortable workspaces during hot, dry summers. A regular maintenance schedule keeps the device operating optimally[...]
The Benefits of Aircon Chemical Overhaul & Why You Need One?
A chemical overhaul can make your aircon unit work better and last longer through a more extensive service. Aircon chemical[...]
AC On and Off Frequently: Is It Time For A New One?
Nothing is more annoying than an air conditioner that shuts off in the middle of a sweltering day. Although this[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Icing
In air conditioning, air conditioner freezing is a phenomenon where air from the aircon condenser gets cold and changes phase[...]
What It Means When Your Aircon Smells Bad
It is not rare for an air conditioner to smell bad, although this can still be an alarming lesson. What[...]
7 Reasons Why Aircon Light Blinking and How To Fix it
Air conditioning systems are complex electric systems that are sensitive to the environment. The accumulation of dust or residue behind[...]
10 Air Conditioner Problems You’re Likely to Encounter
As the summer months are quickly approaching, many people start to think about their air conditioner. The best way to[...]
Aircon Noisy? Find out the Surprising Reasons
If you've ever been in a room with an air conditioner on, you know that they can be pretty noisy.[...]
Aircon Gas Leaking: All Your Questions Answered
Aircon leaks are one of the most common complaints we receive from clients. Unfortunately, simply saying you have a leaking[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Aircon condensation
Aircon Trunking Air Condensation - Why it Happens Before we can begin to talk about air condensation issues, it is[...]
Air Conditioner Important Parts – The Parts That Affect Efficiency
Clearly, an air conditioner is one of the most important appliances to own at home, especially if you are living[...]
Daikin Aircon Vs Mitsubishi Aircon.
Air conditioners are considered to be a must-have appliance in humid and hot areas. However, one thing for sure is[...]
8 Things to Consider Before Buying Air Conditioner
An air conditioner is an essential appliance that you need to have in your home. However, it is difficult to[...]
How The Inverter Aircon Technology Can Help You Save Energy
Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be daunting. There are lots of brands, models and technologies, each[...]
Does Leaving Your Aircon On During The Night Make You Sick?
According to doctors and medical scientists, the bedroom should be one of the coolest rooms in a home. Unfortunately, during[...]
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