The Correct Placement of Air Conditioners Make Cooling More Effective

Air conditioning has become essential for living and working comfortably and requires that its equipment be placed in the proper locations so that you get the full advantage of its working. Obviously, this is where you feel the need for it the most, and at a place that will make it comfortable not only for you but for all the others who will normally be occupying that airconditioned space.

The performance of an air conditioner can be influenced by many things but can be greatly affected by where it is positioned in the space that it is serving. It is not an exact science, but some basic rules should be followed so that the air conditioner is placed in a position where it can be useful. It is common sense to install the air conditioner wherever you will be sitting or sleeping, so that you get the cool air just where you need it, and do not have to wait for the entire space or room to be cooled before you can enjoy its coolness.

A basic law of physics will tell you that convection makes cool air sink to the bottom of a room, and allow the hot air to go up. This process, convection, is a continuous one that keeps air constantly circulating in any space that is being cooled. That is why it will be best if the air conditioner is installed as high as possible. This sometimes becomes difficult if the unit installed is a window-type air conditioner, but even here it can help if it is installed in the upper pane. Where it has to be installed at lower levels the use of a ceiling fan at low speeds can help to keep the air circulating and ensure more equal distribution of the cooled air.

Air conditioners are best installed in the rooms where you will spend the maximum time of daylight hours when temperatures outside are high. This can mean it should be where you work, but you also need restful and comfortable conditions at night when you are sleeping, and that is why there is a tendency for most air conditioners in homes to be installed in bedrooms. If you do require it in home offices or living rooms, this can only come at the extra cost of a separate air conditioner for these rooms.

If you need to cool the entire room, it is best that the cooling units be placed at a central location within the room so that there is a properly balanced airflow throughout the space being cooled. In a bedroom, the best location would be directly above the bed, and in living rooms and lounges over the place where you have all your chairs and sofas.

We have already mentioned why air conditioning units are placed at the highest point in rooms, but the installation must still be at a height that allows it to be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance that most air conditioners, especially those that work continuously will always need. At the same time, care must be taken to see that these cooling units are not above electrical fittings, as it could become a hazard if there is any defect in the air conditioner or its fan units.

It also makes great sense to see that an air conditioner is not installed close to any source where dust is constantly being produced, as your unit will always be looking for fresh air, and will then suck in the dust, and have your filters in the air conditioners doing double duty, and require frequent cleaning or replacement.

Many cooling systems installed in homes and offices involve central units placed outside the space being cooled, and with the cooled air being brought in through ducts. You require the same care in the placement of the ducts and the grilles that bring in the cooled air. The grilles must direct the flow of air where it is needed most, but be careful to see that this is not directly on your face, when you are sleeping, as this could give you problems after you wake up.

Many air conditioning systems, like the split type, have the main working units like the compressor positioned outside the rooms, with the cooled air being delivered through fan units installed inside the space being cooled. While the placing of the fan units must follow the same positioning suggestions given above, the placing of the outside working units is a different matter altogether. They need to be installed as close to the room being cooled so that it requires less piping that connects the cooling units to the fans units. At the same time, they must be located in places that are fairly shaded from the sun (though this may always not be possible) and have a fair degree of protection from rain as this could corrode their working parts. At the same time, the location must be easy to access for maintenance.

The positioning of ceiling fans in the rooms that are airconditioned can also be of help to the working of these cooling units. They should be at a height and be able to circulate the air throughout the room.

Air conditioners work best if they are periodically maintained and especially their filters are kept clean. This requires the units to be easy to access so that any work for maintenance or repair is always easy to undertake.

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