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Travelling overseas just to see new stamps is a bit of a queer gesture, but if you are a stamp enthusiast, it would be exciting to see what’s the latest design and style of stamps, right? Of course, aside from the stamps, you will get to experience scenic views of the country and encounter the local people as well.


It is a study of stamps collected over the years since it was issued. Most of these are related to postal history and other items. The collections of stamps are inspired by the current or recent activities in the span of time. Philately doesn’t only involve in stamp collecting but also a study that you can learn from it as well.

The hobby of collecting stamps

All throughout the years, collecting stamps became a hobby for some individuals who find it as an interesting item. This is one of the reasons why the Singapore Philatelic Museum was made for those who enjoy and appreciate the art of collecting stamps. You will see different styling stamps together with the date it was issued.


The Singapore Philatelic Museum does offer great cheer and excitement for those who love art and of course, stamps. It composes of the vast postal history of the country. The museum is located at Coleman street which was formerly known as the Anglo-Chinese school. In the early 1970’s it became the book room for Methodists and was restored making it an art museum.

In 1995 of August, the museum was opened to promote Singapore’s greatest history at all times including its culture and heritage in philately. Theme galleries also became an entertainment that offers different changes of exhibitions all year long. It also includes the private collections of well-known philatelists, travellers from overseas and a themed exhibition to show respect for the new stamps.

So, if you are fond of collecting stamps, don’t worry because the museum does have a shop for people like you to purchase and collect your very own stamps. The Singapore Philatelic Museum is popular among stamp collectors. There are also files for you to read and check as to when it was issued. You decide which stamps you think are worth for you to invest.

Are you planning to visit Singapore soon and be taking part in the philately experience?

There are other art displays that you will find in the Singapore Philatelic museum such as its colourful exhibits and Singaporean art galleries. Perhaps, it would be a great time for you to write something to your loved ones in the time of your trip and let them receive your personalized letter with a piece stamp posted on the envelope. That’s more like an old-school type of sending letters, but it would make great memories.

Did you know that stamps do tell a story? Yes, you will see how Singapore was back in the day through the design and style of stamps.

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