Regular Air Conditioner Servicing – Top 5 Advantages

Air conditioners are absolutely necessary in hot, humid climates like the tropics. People need mechanical help staying cool and comfortable in the hottest parts of the day, and this is why businesses in these kinds of climates often advertise having air conditioning.

To turn to the residential side of the air conditioning business, a lot of individuals who rely on AC units to keep their homes cool regularly run into aggravating and costly breakdowns. A lot of these issues are avoidable if only the owners would be more responsible about having their air conditioners maintained regularly. Scheduling regular aircon servicing from a professional technician (ideally two per year) is an important part of keeping your air conditioner running. Here are the five biggest reasons why:

1) Lower (And Fewer) Repair Bills

Having a broken air conditioner is, of course, far worse than having one that’s running poorly. You’ll have to call in professional technicians to fix it. While breakdowns can’t be prevented completely, preventive maintenance goes a long way towards reducing both the number and severity of serious problems you have with your unit.

Regularly-scheduled air conditioner maintenance work also protects your equipment from basic wear and tear that could make a serious problem much more costly to fix when the unit does break down. That means the inevitable repair bills will end up being smaller, saving you significant amounts of money.

2) Longer Lifespan

If you get your air conditioner serviced regularly, it’ll be in prime condition for more of its operating lifespan. That translates directly into less wear and tear and fewer negative effects caused by minor damage. Regular servicing is a vital part of keeping a hard-working AC unit running steadily for many years.

Air conditioners are a lot like cars: They last longer and give you fewer problems when you give them the preventive maintenance they need. You could also think of preventive maintenance as healthcare for your AC. Talk to your service professional about establishing a permanent schedule for regular maintenance and chemical cleaning visits.

3) Able To Stand Up To Harsh Environments Better

As you’re probably already well aware, a certain amount of minor damage over time is inevitable with any piece of equipment like an air conditioner. AC units perform better in certain climates than others, though. For example, seaside regions have to contend with salt in the air. This makes local air conditioners far more susceptible to rust.

Regular cleanings and maintenance will prevent adverse environmental conditions like salt air from doing too much damage to your unit. Keeping both the inside and outside of your AC clean and in good repair is important. If corrosion is allowed to take root on the exterior casing, for example, it will lead to unwanted openings that allow dust, salt air, and other hazards to penetrate more deeply into the equipment.

4) Improved Cool Air Output

A properly-designed air conditioning system relies on equipment that’s operating a certain threshold of efficiency. Poorly-maintained AC units will lose efficiency and produce less cooled air. This means that you’ll need to crank the thermostat lower and lower to achieve the comfortable temperatures you’re looking for.

If your air conditioner goes without maintenance for too long, clogging and other forms of incidental damage could eventually reduce the cold air output to nothing. At this point, restorative maintenance – possibly quite extensive maintenance – will be unavoidable.

5) Reduced Electricity Bills

If your home is like most, running your air conditioner takes up a significant portion of your spending on electricity during the summer months. While maintenance is never going to eliminate the cost of electricity for you, it will keep your bills to an absolute minimum.

When air conditioners are suffering from a lack of maintenance, they work at severely reduced efficiency. This means they have to work harder to do their job, coming on more frequently and staying on longer. That all translates into higher bills for you. Keep the cost of comfort down by having your AC unit serviced regularly.

Watch this video to find out about the aircon servicing process.

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