Night Safari, Singapore Review

Going out late at night in the city streets of Singapore is said to be livelier and more ambient. If you are don’t want to be exposed so much in the sun, perhaps, planning for a date night with your family or friends will make the experience filled with excitement and fun. Although there’s nothing wrong enjoying Singapore during the day but there are many things for you to encounter.

When it comes to tourist spots, certainly there are quite a few places for you to choose. Of course, a part of your planning should also include a night out. For instance, have you ever heard of the Night Safari in Singapore? Isn’t it thrilling to see how these animals would behave during night time compared to seeing them on a day time? Hanging out in a nocturnal zoo is unique, and you will also learn new things as well.

The Night Safari Zoo

Did you know that the Night Safari is the world’s first ever made zoo that only opens at night time? According to travel enthusiasts, this is the most visited and popular attractions in Singapore. What’s so interesting about the nocturnal zoo is that you can explore the seven geographical zones via walking on foot or you can use a tram.

The zoo was constructed more than a decade ago by Dr. Ong Swee Law and had spent a construction fee of about $63million. Its lot occupies 86 acres (35 hectares) which also includes a secondary type of rainforest that is mainly adjacent to the zoo. More so, it houses 2,500 different kinds of nocturnal species including the threatened animals. It is managed by the Night Safari Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and it has 1 million-plus visitors each year.

What kind of species should you be expecting in the night zoo?

The animals in the Night Safari range from Indian rhinoceros, pangolins, tarsier and Asian elephants. Keep in mind that these animals are very active at night time and using lighting is customized so as not to make it bright to avoid visual disturbances. As you walk around the seven geographical zones, you will experience its naturalistic and native habitat within the location.

Most of the animals are not caged but are separated according to their species. The entire concept of the zoo is mainly an open space for the animals to feel comfortable and its environment wouldn’t cause them any means of stress. The division is made out of grille-like metal sheets to avoid animals from moving around to another habitat. To keep human beings safe from these wild animals, hot wires that look like twigs are also designed to ensure that it doesn’t cross the boundaries.

Cultural Shows and Events

Aside from the variation of animals that you’re going to see, you will also experience a few of its cultural shows as an event for people to enjoy. There are as well, food and beverages available in the zoo.

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