Learn the Steps of an Air Conditioning Installation

Air-conditioning systems are a staple in many homes all over the world. Most homeowners consider it a worthwhile investment which prompts them to be very careful when making their decision on the system they’ll be buying.

AC owners read and learn about the air-conditioning system from the air conditioner installation, operation, and longevity. They also pick trusted professional installers to deliver and get their system up and running. It’s also equally important to understand how air-conditioners are installed in your home.

Heating and cooling systems make up majority of the electricity bills of many households every month. Before purchasing their AC, practical owners will go out of their way to learn about the entire installation process from beginning to end. Air conditioning servicing is also important to make sure your aircon stay cool without breaking the bank.


Although there are differences in an installation across the many AC brands, there are common steps taken that you can learn for yourself. We will be reviewing the basic method of installation that contractors follow to install an air-conditioner.

  1. Proper Removal of Old AC – Installation usually starts with the proper dismantling and hauling away of the broken down AC. The materials of the old AC should be removed completely including all the debris that was left from the removal process.
  2. Do necessary inspections and get proper permits – This may differ from city to city because the local government may have certain regulations in place for certain air-conditioning systems. Make sure you have all this in check before proceeding with the installation.
  3. Ductwork – Air ducts are created to allow proper circulation of the air from the AC inside your home. Checking these ducts for possible leaks is also crucial to keep cold air from escaping and wasting energy through holes in your home.
  4. Easy Dismount – Your system will be placed in a location where it can be easily removed for future repair and maintenance work. This will be both a decision of the owner through the recommendation of the contractor as to the best place for both performance and easy maintenance & repair.
  5. Prepare the right connections – Electrical wiring must be safe and properly connected to allow the machine to operate. These connections also include the refrigerant and heat pumps to properly cool and heat your home. Make sure the specifications for the machine are followed to avoid any problems in the future.
  6. Thermostat installation – Most AC systems come with their own thermostat to be installed at the end of the process. It will control the temperature and machine tests can be done right after. For installers using the old thermostat, make sure it matches with the machine. Find out more how to install thermostat here.
  7. System check – Charging up the AC and allowing it to operate for a short duration will ensure that it’s functioning properly. Manufacturers will identify the proper start-up of the unit so make sure your installer follows it.
  8. Final Inspections – Rechecking all the ducts, connections, location, thermostat, and operation will signal the installation is done.

When you start to understand these important steps in the procedure, you will be able to follow the process in its entirety to check for discrepancies. You will be able to ensure that you get the most out of your service and your system.

Now watch this video to learn more about aircon installation.

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