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    We have a highly experienced team of Air Conditioner installation technicians. We are always happy to help you when it comes to choosing the right unit for your specific needs. We specialise in installing major brand of air conditioner such as Mitsubishi, DaikinPanasonicLGFujitsu and Toshiba.

    When it is time to get a new system for building is very important that you weigh all of your options. We will make sure to help you pick out the right unit that fits your budget and allows you a quick and hassle-free installation process. We even offer future aircon cleaning serviceschemical cleaning and repairs to keep your unit in great shape.

    I am so pleased with your services. Great job, I will definitely be using again! I will recommend you to my friends. 


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    AS Aircon Service has completely surpassed our expectations.


    Kim Ming

    Aircon Installation Singapore Contractor

    When you go to buy an air-conditioning unit, that unit comes with an in-depth manual. This manual gives you all the details for installing it and troubleshooting it in the future. This manual will also likely recommend that you get your unit installed by a professional because of how many adjustments there might need to be made during that process. These adjustments might be small ones but they can make a big difference in the operation of your unit.

    The installation experts are team of individuals that will make sure your unit is put in the best possible place so that it will always perform optimally. It is important to consider where the sun shines in a home or office every day. This is not the place you want your A/C unit to be in in order to operate properly.

    There are also pipes and tubes that your team of experts will make sure to hide so that your air-conditioning is installed safely and with aesthetics in mind. We will also be sure that your team shows you the many ways that you can save your energy while making full use of your air-conditioning unit just by making simple changes in your home or office.

    Just give us a call and our team of specialists will get to your location on time to help you get it done.

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