Facts About Fort Siloso in Singapore

The region where Fort Siloso in Singapore is found is said to be the last the coastal gun battery in the country. It is located on Sentosa Island and was originally known as the Pulau Blakang Mati. The trading system of the country boomed during the late 1800’s, but it needs to be protected as it is mostly attacked by incomers. This is why, in the year 1878, Fort Siloso was constructed and displayed guns, searchlights, anti-torpedo boat guns and an operational tower to guard the area.

In the time of World War II, it was certain that attacking Singapore beginning from the south might be dreadful because it was armed heavily with guns including the Forts just along the coast of the south. There was also British and Singaporean Artillery. However, by the time the Japanese people came to invade the country, it ends up the Singaporeans unprotected because the attacker came from the north region where they have left it unsealed with weapons.

The height of the war event, Fort Silos became a prison war camp by the Japanese. Three years later, the Japanese troops were forced by the Allied forces to surrender, and in return, most of them were imprisoned in Fort Siloso. As the years passed by, Fort Siloso was reconstructed, and materials were also re-equipped with other Southeast Asians. In 1956, declared release the guns and other armoires were disbanded, removed and sold.

Moving forward to 1974, this was the time when Fort Silos was converted into a walk-in museum. There were remaining guns that were preserved in the benefit of the tour. The upgrading and its restoration remained with the history of the place. Fort Siloso is known to have one of the most extensive memorabilia collections from the time of World War II in Singapore.

Having to relive the history of Fort Siloso is educational which is why they have provided services such as touring the tunnels. It also includes getting to know its structures and the mounted guns displayed in the areas. There is interactive documentation is provided for the visitors to learn more about the historical events of the place. There are short films for the audience to appreciate how the soldiers at that time spent their lives in the Fort.

The “six-inch gun” is very historical and meaningful for the Singaporeans as during the war it boomed for their people to use it. At this point, the guns including the 6′ inch gun are now displayed, and it also comes with photographs. All of the events that happened during the War is meaningful and often, leave you with an overwhelming response as you visit Fort Siloso.

The region of Fort Siloso remains to be important memorabilia, and it has a huge significance as means of a military heritage site. As you visit the momentous place of Fort Siloso gives you the opportunity to know more about the military formation and history of Singapore.

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