East Coast Park in Singapore

Are you looking for the best beaches in Singapore? You don’t have to stress too much as the East Coast Park in Singapore can provide the greatest experience of all times. The history of the land was reclaimed in the year 1970 that extends to Changi to Kallang. It is also surrounded by different neighboring communities like the Marine Parade and Kallang. Here are the guide from AS aircon.

Before it became now as a beach, it was a 185 hectare East Coast Park, and it was known to be as the largest park of all Singapore. However, by the time the government has totally reclaimed the land, it was re-built into a beach.

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, the East Coast Park in Singapore is the right beach for you to feel rested. There is provision of food and amenities for you to enjoy dining and to chill together with your loved ones. Since it is a beach, it is also known for its various special events. So, that means, you have a day filled with fun and memories to make.

Things you can do in the East Coast Park in Singapore?

Set your itinerary for a week’s vacation in Singapore with the activities such as the following;

  1. if you’re a hobby is to fish with your family, there is a good place at the Bedok Jetty wherein you are allowed to cook after you have caught a few.
  2. Cycling and inline skating at the tracks that run along the perimeters of the park is a good exercise if you feel like being sporty and healthy.
  3. bask in the ambiance of the bougainvillea garden.
  4. Lagoon village is a place if you want to eat other types of food aside from barbecue pits and chalets. A food center for everyone to taste and savor the delectable food.
  5. Parkgreen land- a place for family or friends picnic. Spend the day with lots of recreational and dining experience.


Of course, going to the East Coast Park is made easy and accessible to everyone. However, if you have your car, parking space is provided to ensure that you are settled in the area. Car parks are also available that is situated within the area. You don’t get also lost as bus stops are visible and fast to locate.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the first youth Olympic games were held in the East Coast Park? Yes, the park and beach made history in the Olympic field. The Triathlons was the first sporting event that was started in the mid-2000’s.

Whether it’s a fun-filled day at the beach, a stroll in the park or a sporting event that you want to experience. It’s all gathered in the East Coast Park with great food; amenities and an ambiance that you can’t miss out but enjoy the excitement. Book for travel to Singapore now and plan your activities for a wonderful time together with your family or friends.

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