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    We cover everything that you need in air conditioning servicing for all Daikin aircon in Singapore.  

    As a leading global aircon manufacturing brand, Daikin is known for their high-quality and innovative products. Their innovative products are especially renowned for their energy efficiency, a consideration that has made their products very popular with homeowners and businesses in Singapore that are conscious of their environmental footprint.

    Our technicians are here to make sure your Daikin Aircon system is cleaned and repaired professionally. With our technicians, cleaning is done thoroughly and will help your system run much more smoothly and efficiently, saving you money on energy costs. Your system will also last longer and be less likely to break down when it has been cleaned regularly.

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    About Daikin Aircon

    The company was formed in 1924. Since its founding, the company has been involved in research and development of air conditioning products and solutions. Importantly, it has been involved in the manufacture and sale of air conditioners on the mass market. Daikin products and solution are available in more than 140 countries worldwide with sale amounting to over $15 billion. Daikin is truly a global air conditioning leader.

    Through their research efforts, the company has brought innovative products to the consumer market. In fact, the company is a leader in the world of energy efficient air conditioning solution such as refrigerant control, inverters, and heat pumps. Despite having some of the best air conditioners on the market, Daikin still invests a lot of resources in research and development even today. The company has dedicated over $300 million in their research and development fields.

    List of Common used Daikin Aircon Model

    The Japanese brand has developed a wide range of air conditioning products. Whether you need air conditioning for your home or specialised air conditioning systems for a health care facilities or the marine environment, Daikin has a product that meets your needs. Some of their products include:

    #1. The Split/Multi-Split Types Air Conditioners for residential properties.
    #2. The Unitary (Ducted Split) air conditioner for residential properties.
    #3. The VRV (Multi-Split Type Aircon).
    #4. SkyAir - packaged air conditioners for small offices, restaurants, & shops.
    #5. Rooftop air conditioners.
    #6. Water cooled chillers.
    #7. Air cooled chillers.
    #8. Air sides equipment.
    #9. Packaged Air Conditioners for large factories and facilities.

    Why Choose Us To Service Your Daikin Aircon

    When you invest in a Daikin aircon, you are assured of a great experience in as far indoor air quality and comfort levels are concerned. Importantly, these appliances are designed to perform their duties with enormous efficiency. This means that by using Daikin air conditioners, you make savings by using less energy.

    However, for homeowners and businesses to accrue all the benefits that come with using a Daikin aircon, it should be well serviced. This is where we come in. Aircon is a leader in the air conditioner cleaning, servicing, and repair industry. As a company, we have all the right resources and experience to handle such innovative air conditioners.

    Importantly, Aircon is competent in handling every aspect of air conditioner servicing. Whether you are interested in installation services, standard cleaning and scheduled maintenance services, overhauling services, chemical wash services, leaking repair, and emergency troubleshooting and repair services, we can handle everything you need us to. We have the needed technical capacity and capability to handle every aspect of Daikin air conditioner services.

    Furthermore, our technicians are trained experts, and among the best in the industry. Our services are also uniquely affordable. We competitively price each and every services that we offer. As such, our services are reliable, high-quality, and affordable.

    Just give us a call and our team of Daikin AC specialists will get to your location on time to help you get it done.

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