The Comprehensive Guide to Chemical Cleanings for AC Units

Looking to get your AC Chemically Cleaned? You’ve come to the right spot. Before you can have this very important aspect of AC maintenance performed you should begin with some information. The following article contains all the information on how this important aspect of maintenance can be carried out to increase the longevity of your AC unit.

While there are some important advantages of having this important maintenance, the task performed by a trained professional, it can also be handled DIY with a little skill and experience. Just like cleaning the filters or dusting the vents, a good chemical cleaning can help keep your AC unit in top condition and ensure positive cool air flow throughout the home.

If you are not sure how to perform this important task yourself, don’t worry there are plenty of places online where rookie AC repair technician can go to improve their skills before having a go at chemical cleaning. You will need to follow the directions very carefully and if you aren’t 100% confident with working around the condenser or evaporator, you may want to leave the work to a professional as tinkering around with these delicate parts can lead to a malfunctioning AC unit.

Using the wrong cleaning techniques can be equally damaging. Rather than cleaning the system, if done improperly your effort can only add more dirt, grime and debris to the system and make things worse. Furthermore, you could be vacuuming out debris that is simply scattered around the home.

While DIY maintenance is an important part of your AC unit service plan, once a year it may be a good idea to have a professional by to give the unit a good thorough cleaning from an experienced perspective. This will ensure that all components are in working condition and that all the vents are cleaned and clear.

One of the services that the professional AC Maintenance crew can complete will be the chemical wash. It may sound like a dangerous idea — because of the application of chemical cleaning agents, but this is as important as a daily bath for you and me and keeps the AC unit working in proper conditions. Furthermore, if the process is done right these chemicals are completely safe for you and the environment.

A chemical cleaning should be applied when all the regular cleaning methods have been tried and the AC still functions with difficulty. Some of these problems can include a slow cooling of the air, water leaking from all over the place and even odd noises coming from the moving parts of the mechanism.

What Happens During Chemical Wash?

During a chemical wash, it is essential to dismantle the unit and address each part of the AC unit components with a chemical cleaning agent. The evaporator coils, filters and condenser must all be removed and cleaned. To do this, each piece must be fully immersed in the solution till the scales and debris that accumulates over time have been removed. The drainage system and pipes must also be flushed out and drained.

Benefits of Chemical Wash

After the chemical cleaning, you should notice a significant change in the function of your AC unit. Water leaks that may have been present should be resolved. Bad odours that can commonly develop from standing moisture and dirt producing all kinds of odor-causing bacteria and mildews will also be gone. This is by far the most important aspect of the chemical cleaning process as these biological invaders can cause disease and health conditions in the home’s occupants. Check out more differences here)

Another important benefit will be the much cooler air that is produced from an AC unit in mint condition. You will enjoy an “out of the box” type function that resets your AC unit’s performance to “fresh off the production line” levels.

You can also expect your AC unit to function better and use less energy to perform its primary functions. This means that your energy expenses will be reduced after a proper chemical cleaning.

Finally, you will have an AC unit that is functioning as if it were new, especially if you have a professional address the maintenance of the unit as well. This will lead to an AC unit with a longer lifespan and greater value.

The Takeaway:

Chemical cleaning is an important part of the AC unit’s maintenance and service program and should be practised once a year for the very best results. Some experts will recommend this be done every three months, especially for those AC units that see a lot of use and might be a bit older. Technicians will typically include a few other tasks in their chemical cleaning job including charging refrigerants and fine-tuning the thermostats and more. All these tasks will work to preserve the functionality of your cooling unit.

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