The Clarke Quay in Singapore

2023 is almost here, and you should welcome the New Year with good travel. If you want to enjoy a good vacation and at the same time do a lot of things then definitely you should go to Singapore. This city may be a small place, but it surely houses a lot of entertainment just like a museum, different temples, and so many more. At night, if you want to enjoy the busy night life and of course dine in the fancy restaurants, then definitely you should visit Clarke Quay. Here are the things that you can do in Clarke Quay in Singapore from our local team.

Since Clarke Quay is near the riverside, then you can always do other things aside from the fancy restaurants. You can book a simple river cruise at any time of the day but best at night. You can take advantage of taking a lot of pictures at night because of the beautiful city nightlife of Singapore. If you have an expert tour guide, you can not only see the beautiful view, but you will also know the history that comes with it.

Moreover, if you want to start earlier, you can go and queue up the G-Max Reverse Bungy that starts at two in the afternoon. You would better prepare yourself to dive in at sixty kilometers with a speed of two hundred kilometers. You do not need to worry about that because it is one hundred percent safe. Alternatively, you can also go to the lockdown in Singapore. This is an indoor activity where you and a group of people will be locked down in a room, and the only way to escape is to collaborate in answering clues and puzzles. Just make sure that you are not claustrophobic or else it is game over.

After dining in one of the restaurants, you can then take a stroll at Boat Quay. You can take some good photos of the spectacular views of the surrounding restaurants and boats. Moreover, you should go to the section of the North Bridge crossing the river of the Clarke Quay because at night the Marina Bay Sands has a laser show every day. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the view of Singapore’s business area at night. You will enjoy the city lights, and Singapore is one of the cities that never sleep at night.

The activities mentioned above are just a few activities that you can enjoy doing at the Clarke Quay in Singapore. If you have much time, there are other things that you can do and other places that you can visit. Just one thing in visiting the beautiful city of Singapore, it is best if you read on their rules because they are quite strict about them and no one is above the law. Also, you have to save lots of money because Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Though expensive, you will surely agree that it is a good city to visit.


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