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    Are You Looking for Chemical Cleaning Aircon Service?

    We offer a complete chemical cleaning solution for the various type of air conditioners in Singapore. Chemical cleaning is an effective way to clean an old or very dirty air conditioner thoroughly with the use of the approved chemical.

    If you run your air conditioner at less than its peak efficiency, it can cost you a lot of money. To keep your bills down, you have to keep your unit in great working order.

    However, how do you decide to use aircon chemical wash? Take note of how long it takes to cool down a room after you turn it on. A clean and efficient unit will get the job done in about 10 minutes. If your air conditioner has to operate longer than that, it is most likely you need a chemical wash solution.

    Why You Need Chemical Wash Aircon?

    Aircon chemical wash solutions is highly recommended by all of Singapore's reputable AC companies. Over time, debris and dust buildup in any air conditioner. Ordinary water can get some of the surface dirt removed but a thorough cleaning is the only thing that will get rid of all harmful bacteria that could be inside the unit. Here are a few of the key benefits.

    Fast, Thorough Cleaning

    Professional technicians rely on chemical solutions to get your unit quickly and completely cleaned. The right solutions penetrate deeply and are your guarantee that all unwanted dirt and debris is taken from every possible part of the Aircon.

    Makes Air Healthier to Breathe

    It get rid of all bacteria that could be breeding in your A/C unit. Without a regular chemical solution using antibacterial products, an aircon can spread contaminated air all throughout the home. This is one reason why regular maintenance should include this type of washing.

    Extends the Lifespan

    Besides doing away with dirt and harmful microorganisms, it also keep hard-to-reach parts of your unit from being subject to corrosion. It helps you get as many years of useful service as possible.

    Find out more on the benefits of aircon chemical overhaul and the process. You may want to find out more about the the differences between chemical vs normal cleaning.

    Thinking to Do it yourself? We Can Help You!

    There are many things that will factor into how often an air-conditioner gets dirty these can include the usage and it's location. Just about any unit should get a thorough cleaning once every six months. We have been servicing air conditioners as well as maintaining, top up gas  and repairing them in Singapore for over two decades. If you want to make sure your A/C unit stays in the best shape possible and provides you with clean, cool air for many, many years, call us today.

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    Contact us if you are looking for chemical wash on aircon compressor

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      What is the cost of the aircon chemical cleaning service❓

      Prices start at $80 for a non-dismantle chemical cleaning that includes one condenser unit. The rates shoot up to around $150-$180 for chemical washing that requires comprehensive dismantling. You can check out to know more about our chemical wash.

      When is the aircon chemical wash necessary❓

      The Ac unit will qualify for the chemical cleaning if it has not been cleaned for more than twelve months, or is showing signs of problems such as the compressor that heats up too fast or cools too slow even after the filters have been cleaned.

      Can I handle the aircon chemical wash by myself❓

      We highly advise against this. The nature of the chemicals used and the techniques employed make the job somewhat complicated thus requiring the knowledge and skills of professional.

      What is the difference between chemical washing VS standard cleaning servicing❓

      Unlike what you get from the standing AC cleaning service, the chemical wash is a comprehensive technique that involves the use of active solvents that are safe and do not damage the parts of the aircon unit. Our specialists will assess the unit to determine if it needs the chemical wash. You can check out to know more.

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