A brief introduction of the Sri Mariamman Temple of Singapore

When people travel to Asia, they never forget the beautiful city of Singapore. Singapore is a modern city and is continuing to reign especially when it comes to technology and entertainment. This city is indeed the best place to go especially if you want to experience different cultures because it is the home to Indians, Chinese, and so many other nationalities.

One of the best places to go to is the Sri Mariamman Temple. This is temple is considered to be the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. This temple used to be a place of worship most especially for people and immigrants who just came to Singapore. A lot of these immigrants thank the gods for their safe journey and their safe arrival in the city.

This Hindu temple is named after the principal deity who is Mariamman. Mariamman is a South Indian goddess who is worshipped because diseases can be prevented when a person is devoted to her in worship and prayers.

The significance of the Sri Mariamman temple is very high because it is not only a place of worship for the Hindus in Singapore, but it also serves as a temporary shelter for immigrants. The temple allows the immigrants to stay in the temple until they can find a stable job and a stable place to live. The place also offers Hindu marriages, and cultural and social services are being offered to the public as well.

The Sri Mariamman temple is a national monument, and this is also the main reason why it has become a tourist destination.  Outside, the temple has a gopuram which rises above from the entrance to the top of the building. The gopuram is composed of the different Hindu deities.

If you have plans to visit this temple or even any other Hindu temples, here are some tips on what you should and should not do. When it comes to clothing, people are not encouraged to wear traditional Indian clothing but are encouraged to wear conservative and modest clothing. Women are advised to wear something long like pants or long skirts while men are encouraged to wear something formal like slacks. Also, in the Hindu religion, they have great respect for animals and so wearing clothing of animal skin is prohibited. By wearing the right clothes, you are respecting the religion and also the people around you.

Upon entering the temple, you have to remove your footwear as a sign of respect. As you go around, it is best to offer something to the deities such as flowers. Always observe proper behaviour while inside the temple.

Overall, the Sri Mariamman temple is a good place to visit not only for its beauty but also for its social significance in Singapore. As you visit this beautiful temple, make sure that you are following the rules, especially on clothing and actions so as not to disrespect the people.


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