The Big Difference Between a Chemical Cleaning and and Normal Servicing

Many people rely on a quality AC unit to beat back the heat of summer allowing them to live, work and play in comfort. The AC unit is such a wonder of convenience and comfort that many people take it for granted until one day the cool air begins to flow erratically, the temperatures rise and then service and maintenance are suddenly understood.

Regular service and maintenance for your AC unit are very important. First of all, proper maintenance keeps the AC unit working well and costs you less energy to do so. A properly maintained Ac unit smells better and doesn’t have colonies of foul-smelling bacteria and moulds growing within. These invaders can cause health risks to you and your family and should be cleaned out regularly.

Most often the answer to how often this important task should be accomplished is about once a year. Although that AC unit that sees an especially large amount of work or an excessive amount of dust and grime may require cleaning much more often. You shouldn’t wait till a problem begins to show before having your AC unit repaired.

This will ensure that your AC is running in proper conditions and that any potential issues about to present themselves are addressed in a timely fashion before they have a chance to compromise the smooth function of your cooling machine.

Having a reputable aircon service company on call and scheduling yearly or bi-yearly service as needed (your AC service company could make good recommendations on the best schedule for you and your service needs) is the best way to address the needs of your system.

You can expect the service to be a bit different depending on what your AC service professionals find inside your AC unit. It could be that you only need a regular service, or that the conditions now call for a deeper more effective Chemical Servicing.

Normal Servicing

After pulling air through the vents and through the cooling system before passing cool air into the home, you can expect plenty of dirt dust and grime build-up. This will be on the filters, condenser coils and more. The more of these contaminants that are allowed to amass within, the lower the performance of your AC unit and the more energy it uses to perform its task.

In a normal cleaning and service, your professional AC repairman will carefully inspect all the components like the fan, motors, compressors, compressor fans, pressure operations, temperature and thermostat conditions and even the drainage system and connecting pipes. These will all be inspected and cleaned, thereby improving their performance in many ways.

Chemical Cleaning

A chemical cleaning involves much greater attention to detail and professional skills. Your AC unit repair professionals will take down the AC unit and dismantle it to be sure that every aspect of the AC unit is addressed with an effective cleaning chemical agent. This process begins with the condenser, coils and deep cleaning of all the filters.

After all, the components have been disassembled, a chemical solution is prepared in a bath where the components will sit and release their accumulated stores of much and dirt. The pipes and drainage system will be treated with the same solutions that remove all scaly residue and dirt.

The big advantage of this type of service is that it restores the AC unit to its former performance levels. With all the wear and tear that comes from working while laden with dirt grime and other performance-thwarting contaminants, your AC unit will work far better after the chemical cleaning has been applied. As mentioned, the removal of standing moisture and dirt stores also improves the sanitary levels of the machine and protects the health of the home’s occupants.

This important aspect of AC unit maintenance should not be ignored and calling the professionals to look over your AC unit should be done a minimum of once a year and possibly twice if the conditions of your AC unit require it.

If you have had an AC unit out of commission for a while and are considering applying it to your cooling needs it would be ideal to have this chemical cleaning done before recommissioning your AC unit. Turning your unserviced unit on without this cleaning can compromise it performance and considerably reduce its lifespan.

Furthermore, your reputable AC service company will take the time to review the entire state of affairs and can perform maintenance on anything needing to be fixed. Refrigerant levels can be restored and in the end, you can expect the entire system to be functioning as new.

In Conclusion — It is very important to the longevity and functionality of your AC unit to have it serviced regularly.

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