7 Reasons Why Aircon Light Blinking and How To Fix it

Air conditioning systems are complex electric systems that are sensitive to the environment. The accumulation of dust or residue behind your outdoor grilling system could be harmful to your airflow system.

Another problem that you might be experiencing is the blinking light. This usually means that there is a problem with your system, and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Aircon light blinking may be symptomatic for faulty Air Conditioner repair, although it does not always warrant serious damages. Almost all aircon brands include air conditioning lights or air conditioners that blink on them to remind air conditioning customers of a malfunction. In fact, Daikin aircon light blinking has been one of the most commonly searched problems because this is one of the aircon brands that have incorporated various aircon status lights in their models.

In this article, we will be discussing the seven most common reasons why the light in your aircon unit might be blinking and how you can go about fixing it.

1. Low Refrigerant Levels

One of the most common reasons why your aircon light might start blinking is because of low refrigerant levels. When the refrigerant levels are low, it could cause the compressor to overheat, which will then result in the air conditioner blinking light. If you are experiencing low refrigerant levels, you will need a professional aircon technician to inspect your system and top up the refrigerant levels.

2. Faulty Compressor

If your aircon light is blinking and you have ruled out low refrigerant levels as the problem, the problem is likely with your compressor. A faulty compressor could result in the aircon light blinking, and it might also cause your air conditioning unit not to work properly. In most cases, a faulty compressor will need to be replaced to fix the problem.

3. Faulty Capacitor

A faulty aircon unit capacitor could also cause the aircon light to blink, indicating a problem with your aircon unit. Basically, if you are experiencing problems with your aircon unit, the blinking light might indicate that there is something wrong with your aircon capacitor.

If this does turn out to be the case, you will need to have a professional air conditioner technician look at it for you. They should be able to fix or replace the air conditioner capacitor accordingly to stop the light blinking.

4. Pending Cooling Mode

Another reason for aircon status light blinking is because of a pending cooling mode. When your aircon unit light starts blinking, it means that your AC is trying to switch into the cooling mode, but something is currently preventing it from starting.

If this happens, then you will need to press the “On” button on your AC unit remote control or air conditioner panel for it to start working properly again. If you do not turn the aircon on within ten minutes, then the pending change will automatically be cancelled, and your aircon status light should stop blinking.

5. Faulty Aircon Unit

A faulty aircon unit can also cause the air conditioner light to blink intermittently, indicating that there is a problem with your system. This is an urgent case since there might be problems with your electrical wiring, or your aircon may not be able to circulate air properly. When this happens, you will need to have a professional aircon specialist look at your air conditioning unit to determine the problem.

6. Dirty Filter

If you have not cleaned your air filter recently, then it might be causing the aircon light to blink. When the air filter is dirty or clogged air filters, it can restrict the airflow and cause the airconditioning unit to work harder than it should. This will then result in the aircon light blinking as a warning sign. Daikin aircon will have this type of warning in their models.

To fix this problem, you will need to clean your air filter and make sure that it is free from any dust debris. Aircon filters are relatively easy to clean, DIY style. If you still find the aircon light blinks even after cleaning, an aircon servicing company needs to have it checked.

7. Blocked Drain Pipe

A blocked drain pipe is another common reason why your aircon’s light might start blinking. When the drainpipe is blocked, it will prevent the condensation from draining properly, and this could cause water to leak out of your aircon unit.

If you are experiencing problems with water leakage in your aircon units, you will need to have a professional aircon expert look at it to determine what the problem is. In most cases, a blocked drain pipe will need to be unblocked to fix the issue.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the seven most common reasons your air conditioner’s light might start blinking. This is one way your unit tells you that it needs a bit of professional attention or simply some dusting off.

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