The Advantages Of Installing An Inverter Air Conditioning Unit

Inverter air conditioners have become more popular in recent years mainly because they are less costly than central air conditioning units and between 30% – 50% cheaper to run than window-mounted units. They don’t require window installation as they are easily installed on any wall. This type of installation ensures that no air escapes through spaces or gaps. However, some people are still sceptical as to how an inverter conditioner can be more energy efficient.

In order to understand why inverter air conditioners are more efficient at energy consumption you really need to know how a conventional air conditioner works. The amount of heating or cooling required in a room varies depending on the temperature in the room and the outdoor temperature. Regular air conditioning units regulate the temperature in a home by the utilization of a compressor. When the heating or cooling capacity of a room needs to be increased the compressor operates at a high speed to increase refrigerant flow. When the temperature reaches the level set on the control, the air conditioner’s motor automatically switches off. As soon as the temperature in the room drops or increases beyond a certain level, the motor switches on again. Because of this constant on and off switching, more energy is used to maintain the desired temperature in a home.

An inverter air conditioning unit’s best feature is its ability to adjust the motor speed of its compressor. The ability to control the speed of the motor allows the air conditioner to maintain the desired temperature without having to switch off the motor, making it much more energy-efficient. Inverter technology utilizes fans that constantly slow down or speed up to maintain precise temperatures.

Inverter Technology

Advanced inverter technology allows the unit to achieve high power and efficiency simultaneously. The inverter control allows the unit to rapidly reach the desired temperature by increasing the operating frequency of the compressor. As soon as the required temperature has been reached, the inverter control adjusts the frequency or rotation speed of the compressor allowing it to efficiently maintain the precise temperature without having to consume excess power. This technology provides remarkable energy-saving control and efficient economical operation.

Advantages of Installing an Inverter Air Conditioner

– Energy Saving

The biggest advantage of an inverter air conditioning unit over conventional window units is energy saving. Innovative inverter technology allows the unit to adapt its power output in order to accurately retain the set room temperature. An inverter air conditioner can be at least 30% – 50% cheaper to run than conventional units as it consumes less power. Inverter air conditioning units have heat pumps which is one of the most energy-efficient forms of heating.

– High Power Start-Up

Inverter technology facilitates high power start-ups that allow the unit to cool the air in a room up to 25% faster than conventional air conditioning units.

– Maximizes Comfort Level

By maintaining precise control of the temperature an inverter air conditioner creates and retains an optimal comfort level. Conventional air conditioning units constantly trigger the motor to power on or shut down in order to adjust the temperature. This can cause considerable fluctuations in indoor temperature, making the environment uncomfortable.

– Quiet and Peaceful

An inverter air conditioning unit reduces the power from the compressor instead of shutting it off completely, significantly lessening the noise level of a motor constantly shutting down and turning back on. No voltage peaks from the compressor mean quiet operation and a more peaceful indoor environment.

– Economy Through Efficiency

The inverter air conditioning unit’s energy-saving operation is able to reduce annual power consumption by up to 40% when compared to conventional units. The variable power level ability of the compressor maintains even room temperatures without wasting energy. The compressor is able to operate on a low 1.5kW which amounts to a great saving of energy that translates into lower monthly energy bills.

In summary, an inverter air conditioner reduces energy consumption and it will be worth paying more to have an inverter air conditioning unit installed if you use your air conditioner all year round for cooling as well as heating. With constantly increasing energy costs, there is no doubt that you will save a lot of money in the long run. Click here to learn more about aircon installation.

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