Why Choose Aircon Service Maintenance Contract

An aircon servicing contract is an agreement between a company and its client where most of the client’s air conditioner will be serviced by the company. The client will pay in advance) and can specify which brands and models need attention around their property.

An air conditioning unit installed in commercial establishments often requires regular maintenance contracts to ensure hygienic indoor cool air and your AC is at the top performance all year round.

Benefits of Aircon Service Contract

With a contract, the servicing company will know ahead of how much work is involved with your installed air conditioners. Scheduling for aircon servicing is also easier as there won’t be any conflict with other jobs that need attention.

Clients also know that they can save costs on aircon maintenance because they pay for an entire year’s worth of servicing at one go, rather than just a few months’ aircon servicing at a time. Sometimes, aircon maintenance contracts allow clients to enjoy discounted rates than paying per service.

Suppose there are problems with your air conditioner during the year. In that case, chances are the repairs will be free under warranty or covered by aircon service insurance, making it even more attractive to sign up for such an aircon maintenance contract.

Below are other benefits of booking aircon services annually:

Proper Maintenance

You will have peace of mind knowing that your entire air conditioning system is being looked after regularly as covered by your contract.

Prompt Response

Experience reduced downtime on looking and booking an aircon servicing company due to not scheduling urgent service calls on priority. This is a more hassle-free set-up, especially if you constantly encounter air conditioning problems on your property.

Guaranteed Experienced Technicians

A service contract allows the company to better manage resources as technicians do not have to be mobilized from other areas or used for non-contract work for your requested aircon service. You are more likely to have their most experienced technician dispatched for your aircon problems.

Your own go-to aircon company services provider

Know that you have one number to call if you need any sort of assistance with your air conditioners. You don’t need to spend hours looking for an available line or searching reviews for which company offer great service.

Great savings

Not only do you get convenience from service contracts. Discounted rates are available under some air conditioner service contracts, giving you even better savings on aircon maintenance and repairs.

Find out more about the advantages of servicing your AC regularly.

Scope of Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning servicing is offered in various packages. One of the most common is an annual service contract, which is made available for either residential or commercial customers. Regardless of your type of property, residential and commercial users can expect the same benefits and excellent service from this type of servicing arrangement.

Regardless of the air conditioning model and system that you have, this type of arrangement guarantees you customer satisfaction because of the mentioned benefits above.

Types of Services Offered on Contract

You can avail the same list of aircon servicing when you are on contract, except it is more convenient. Among the most common services are:


Do you hear a loud noise? Is your air conditioner smelly? You can call your contracted aircon company to troubleshoot these problems so you can enjoy cool, clean air every day.

Aircon Installation

This is one of the most basic services offered by us. This is usually given free along with your air conditioner purchase. Oftentimes, you can even avail of their service warranty.

Chemical Wash

Need a thorough aircon cleaning? Book for a chemical cleaning service from your service provider to make your aircon feel new again.

Part replacement

Some problems in air conditioning units may repair part replacement and should not be dealt with in DIY style. This will usually be discovered following a troubleshooting service. You may want to check out the important parts of AC that affect efficiency.

Commercial AC Service

This is the best service for industrial and commercial properties to book a contract for. Allow the provider to give your clean and cool air to ensure customer satisfaction.

How can I find out more about air conditioning system services?

It is essential to ask your current aircon service provider if they offer this package. You may reach out via their customer service hotline or online presence and see if any other companies offer aircon servicing contracts.

Other than the Internet, you might also want to engage local dealers of major brands or retailers of air conditioning units, so you know who to call once the warranty runs out.

Lastly, never underestimate the value of word of mouth – ask friends who use air conditioning regularly for their recommendations! This way, you’ll be able to get many leads without having to go through much effort at all.

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