The Benefits of Aircon Chemical Overhaul & Why You Need One?

A chemical overhaul can make your aircon unit work better and last longer through a more extensive service. Aircon chemical overhaul involves the complete removal of all old chemicals and the re-application of fresh and new chemicals to every air conditioning system component. This service is especially important in older systems where the build-up of old chemicals can occur over time and result in decreased performance or even component failure.

The purpose of an aircon chemical overhaul is to cleanse and revitalize the system, removing any accumulated dirt, debris or corrosion. It also replenishes any lost lubricants and seals, ensuring that your aircon units run smoothly and efficiently longer.

Here we discuss in detail the chemical overhaul service to help you determine whether it’s time for your air conditioner to have one.

Does your AC need a chemical overhaul service?

People might never choose to call aircon services unless the problem is already very bothering, like aircon smell or loud noise. However, the entire unit must be thoroughly overhauled at least annually for more optimum performance of air conditioners.

A chemical overhaul is a type of aircon service that is necessary when there is a significant build-up of contaminants in the coils and drainage system or your air conditioning unit. These contaminants can cause your aircon to run inefficiently, leading to higher energy bills and shorter lifespans. A chemical overhaul will clear out all the built-up dirt, dust, and debris, restoring your aircon unit to its original quality. During a chemical check, the technician will inspect your aircon’s coils and drainage system for dirt, dust, and other debris signs. If any of these contaminants are found, the technician will recommend a chemical overhaul to clear them out.

Difference between Aircon Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul

You may have heard of aircon chemical cleaning more often than a chemical overhaul. There are two key differences to take note of when comparing an aircon chemical overhaul with a normal chemical cleaning process.

Firstly, an aircon chemical overhaul is more thorough than a normal chemical wash because it includes all parts of the cooling system – not just the indoor unit. The second difference is that an aircon chemical overhaul tends to be pricier because it requires more work on the aircon service provider.

This means that instead of simply applying chemicals without checking for other contaminants, he must first inspect all parts of the cooling system to find out what else needs fixing before initiating any repairs or replacements.

Chemical Wash Process:

Step 1: Inspection

The aircon chemical wash begins with an inspection of the equipment to determine the extent of any damage and what repairs or replacements may need to be made.

Step 2: Draining and Filling

This is where our technicians will typically remove your AC drain line from a nearby source, such as a sewer or a roof gutter, before going about draining out all moisture from your AC’s internal components. After this point, they will refill it again with fresh chemicals while making sure there are no leaks along the way. In addition, they’ll also add in chemicals that inhibit rust and other contaminants.

Step 3: Powering On Your Aircon Unit

After refilling the AC system, our technicians will then turn on your air conditioner and allow the chemicals to circulate through the entire system. Doing this will help to break down any dirt, dust, or other contaminants that have built up over time.

Step 4: Rinse

The final step of an aircon chemical wash is a rinse cycle where our technicians will use high-pressure water jets to clean all internal components of your AC unit. Once this is complete, they will reattach the drain line and allow everything to dry before finally putting everything back in place.

The process of an aircon chemical overhaul is essentially the same as that of a chemical wash, except it includes additional steps for inspecting all parts of the air conditioner for signs of damage and contaminants. This is why an aircon chemical overhaul tends to be pricier than just chemical cleaning.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price

One of the reasons why the chemical overhaul is not as popular as the other aircon service is because people are scare of its price. Naturally, this is a type of aircon service that requires professional expertise. The whole chemical overhaul process alone also takes time. The price will hugely depend on the type and size of the air conditioner, but it should not cost more than $100. Aircon servicing worth $80-$100 is already a reasonable price for chemical overhaul service.

Benefits of Chemical Overhaul Service

Aircon chemical servicing is important for maintaining your cooling system by clearing out all the built-up dirt, dust, and debris. Not only will this improve your air conditioner’s performance, but it can also extend its lifespan.

Other Types of Aircon Servicing

A chemical overhaul is just one of the many types of aircon servicing and is often the least frequent one required, especially for newer aircon units. Other types of aircon servicing include thorough cleaning and maintenance, troubleshooting services, and gas top-up.

If you’re not sure whether or not a chemical overhaul is a right solution for you, be sure to speak with your trusted aircon servicing companies. They can help you determine the best course of action for your specific needs, and some companies can provide you with a free quotation for the aircon service you require.

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