Welcome. aircon-servicing-singapore.com (AS Aircon) has served thousands of clients for more than a decade. We have become a popular choice for Singaporeans because of the quality services we are able to deliver to each of our clients.

Our Story

We started out as group of friends who have been doing professional aircon servicing for our respective properties, as well as of our families and friends. What started out as extra source of income eventually led to what now turned out as one of Singapore’s most trusted aircon servicing company. After several professional trainings and skills development sessions that we joined as a team, we eventually opened our doors to the public to share our expertise and skills to other aircon owners who needed high quality, friendly, and efficient aircon servicing.

Here’s a closer look at the values we uphold as a company:

  • High-quality service and equipment

We know that AC units do not cheap, so we use top of the line equipment in all our services to ensure that the quality and performance of the units we are dealing with are not compromised, and are instead restored to its normal function. Repairs and maintenance should cost cheaper than purchasing new aircon units, and that’s what our service team uphold constantly.

  • Friendly Service

We know it is not as comfortable to welcome a stranger to your property to service your aircon. But due to the nature of this kind of service, we make sure that our clients are readily comfortable with our service team by providing friendly and accommodating service from inquiry to service day.

  • Efficient servicing

Almost every AC problem is urgent. We want to stand out by providing our clients with an efficient service from inquiry, quotations, and service delivery. A proof of that is our online booking system, which is meant to provide our clients with a more accessible way of booking for our services.

We recently open our branch at Block 515 #01-207, Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460515 as part of the expansion to provide better customer service. You are also welcome to reach us through our customer service hotline +65-8291 3266.

Our Vision

To provide premium aircon servicing services to all clients across Singapore, and to take the lead in the latest technology for AC unit repairs, maintenance, and installation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading aircon servicing provider in Singapore, and to build a specialist team that is dedicated and professionally growing with us. We aim to build our client base to include larger companies and brands in Singapore, while continually nurturing our residential accounts.

Our Experience

Our company offers repair and maintenance contracts to both residential and corporate clients within the Singapore area. Clients can choose from several repair packages that will provide the best solution to their AC problem. We support various type of aircon brand including DaikinFujitsuLGPanasonic Mitsubishi and Toshiba air conditioners.

Professionalism is a trait that we are known for. From our customer services staff to the aircon technicians we send to our clients, all of them follow the professional standards we’ve set for every job we take.

This is coupled with the right equipment and tools to execute our repair and maintenance services. It includes AC repair, gas top-up service, unit troubleshooting, aircon leaking, full AC maintenance service, chemical washing, and complete machine overhaul.

We also have professional installers in-house that can install all kinds of air-conditioning systems in any home or building. You get a one-stop solution for all your air-conditioning needs with us at AS Aircon.

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The repair was quick, and I even got my quote immediately after. The price was reasonable, and I was happy with the service. Great company!read more
Jess Cummerata
Jess Cummerata
19:36 12 Apr 18
These guys came to the house did some cleaning and were done. Now I'm back to sleeping at comfortable temperatures in my room. Good job!read more
Xiao Chen Tseng
Xiao Chen Tseng
07:14 31 Mar 18
Chemical cleaning was the only option for my AC. You guys got me covered. I now have a clean Aircon and a cool room. I love you guys!read more
Yi Xiang
Yi Xiang
08:29 05 Apr 18
Just last weekend, my parents told me that the air-conditioner at our old house broke down. It was the hot time, so we needed to fix the unit because I wouldn't want my parents to feel uncomfortable. I was away for the weekend, so I decided to book online. To my surprise, I got a schedule and it was for tomorrow. The guy got to our old home removed and replace the old filters and repaired the lines. My mom was relieved that there's an AC at home to fight off the heat again.read more
Charise Georges
Charise Georges
09:57 25 Apr 18
Nice Work! Reached on time and the service was fast!
Cheryl Walker
Cheryl Walker
09:44 18 Apr 18
I was so happy I got hold of AS Aircon to fix our old airconditioning units at home. Our airconditioner is 10 years old but I could say that AS Aircon provided the best service from all the AC service companies I've hired in the past.read more
Alexis Leannon
Alexis Leannon
14:42 26 Jun 18
My aircon was leaking for the last few days. They quickly found out it was the damage on the overflow pan. Thank you!
Lavern Brown
Lavern Brown
22:06 19 Jul 18
I would like to commend AS Aircon for exceeding my expectations. They not only fixed my aircon but they also delivered quality customer service from start to finish.read more
Cameron Page
Cameron Page
09:50 17 Aug 18
I had a technician, Daniel from AS Aircon inspect our rusty unit at my aunt's house. They found the problem quickly and proceeded to fixing the unit right away. My aunt is happy now that her room is cool and comfortable again. Thanks Daniel!read more
Bernita Senger
Bernita Senger
19:06 09 Sep 18

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