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Welcome to AS Aircon

For the past decade, AS AC has provided top notch aircon servicing to their clients in Singapore. The company serves individual clients from residential homes to big name corporations within the country.

They tackle all sorts of problems for their clients. No job is too big for us. We send out professional aircon technicians to your area to do aircon repair and troubleshooting, servicing, chemical wash, overhaul and installation.

  • I am so pleased with your services. Great job, I will definitely be using again! I will recommend you to my friends.
    - Karen
  • Billy Aircon Service has completely surpassed our expectations.
    - Kim Ming
  • Reach on time, great service and quality work! Highly recommended!
    - Mr. Lee

Our Specialties

This is our maintenance package. We inspect the unit to check on what it needs to run optimally. Using a reliable set of tools and equipment our technicians can clean dirty air-conditioners to bring back it’s cooling effect. They will also perform other services to keep the unit from breaking down.
Our services that inspect your faulty air-conditioner to check for possible problems that cause the malfunction. We repair or replace faulty parts to get the AC unit up and running again. Hard to detect problems can still be identified with our troubleshooting methods to find out the root of the problem. This will be followed up by reliable repair methods to fix it.
A specialized method in cleaning an AC unit using chemicals to flush out all the clogged up dirt and particles inside the machine. Our technicians are trained to use these chemicals to effectively clean the AC unit as well as dispose it to keep it away from harming residents.
Older AC units are prone to failure. A complete overhaul will be needed if this happens. Our team of aircon specialists will be able to make it run again by replacing components to allow it to regain its function. We have these parts in supply at our stores. No need to worry.
Top aircon brands are being sold at the Philip Aircon stores. We’ll send a team of professional installers to handle the job for you. They will fit it to any wall or section in your house correctly. They will even handle the installation of all the tubes and pipes to make sure the will just turn on your unit once the job is done.

Reasons To Choose Us

We work hard to ensure all our customers and clients get high-quality work and more value for their money when servicing their systems. We also provide highly affordable services as a way to ensure all homes remain comfortable and cool even in the hottest weather. Some of the reasons you too should consider using us include:

Trusted Company

More than a decade worth of experience in air condition unit servicing and maintenance

Highly Trained Technichian

Highly trained and qualified professionals who understand almost all A/C unit brands in the industry.

Bargain Price

Affordable while providing high-quality solutions to our clients.

Specialized Tools

Use of specialized tools and equipment to maintain, repair, and install AC units to homes and offices around Singapore.

Book Online

Online appointment will allow users to make appointments from the comfort of their own homes.

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